Happy St Patricks Day!


Inspiringly Pretty Flowers

Don Charisma

I was out for an explore in the livelier end of town … a story for the grandkids, if I ever have any, not for you guys !

On the way home I came across these pretty flowers … for some reason beauty always makes me happy and inspires me … so here they are 🙂


Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

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Beach Sunset Panorama, iPhone And Photoshop :)

So beautiful *_*

Don Charisma

Although I love spending hours joining photos together, it’s very time consuming. As I have been finding that I don’t have as much time as I’d like, I’ve been looking for ways to save it. So I’ve been experimenting with my iPhone 4s to do some of the work, using it’s built in panorama function.

For sunsets (or anything with a horizon), I’ve found it’s crucial to keep to horizon level, or as level as possible. Even then the iPhone seems to do some weird stuff with the horizon, that just rotating the photo won’t fix. Odd curvature and misjoined bits of horizon. Clone tool can correct mismatched bits, sometimes.

How to fix the curves and distortions in the horizon ? Well I’ve made friends with two new tools – Filter -> Lens Correction -> Straighten and Filter -> Adaptive Wide Angle -> Constraint Tool … now I have almost…

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I really wanted to practice cause my watercolour skills are nonexistent >_< and here's the result dundund daaa 🙂 (also I apologise for the bad quality picture my phone camera is shit)



Queen of the damned. Watched this movie yesterday Aaliyah is so beautiful.




Last one for tonight Pandora the Cyclops. Goodnight everyone. ❤



Another one before bed >^<



So tired but I want to draw so bad XD

I’ve been so tired the last few weeks I started my Art & design course so I haven’t had anytime to just sit and draw my own stuff. Oh boy I’m not complaining though >>_<<, I'm absolutely in love with the course :O I couldn't be happier. Anyways this is just a little something I started heheh (Kid Flash symbol).



Becoming a super hero – Part 2 ~ Alisa